23rd July 2021

Construction Update

Since our last update in April, we are pleased to report that Fitzroy House construction has made excellent progress. With façade and internal works concluding, we are on track for completion this September.

Fitzroy House Owners Corporation

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Tideways as the Owners Corporation Manager for Fitzroy House. Tideways will bring a professional hands-on service, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home post settlement and overseeing the ongoing management of the common property.

28th April 2021

Construction Update

Since our last update a milestone was reached with the removal of the crane, the building is now at lock-up stage. Lifts have been installed and finishing trades are systematically working their way up the building, plastering is now complete on all levels and the install of joinery, floor and wall finishes is well underway.

Works are scheduled for completion in September 2021 when we look forward to welcoming you to your new home.

17th December 2020

Construction Update

Structural works are now complete with the internal framing and services rough-in well advanced as they progress up the building.

The lift installation has commenced and good process is being made with plastering in readiness for delivery of joinery in January.


11th September 2020

Construction Update

Fitzroy House construction continues to make good progress. We are now half-way through the above ground structural works with the pouring of level 4 concrete slab now complete.

25th June 2020

Fitzroy House Wins 2020 Melbourne Design Award


20th May 2020

Construction Update

Works continue to make great progress on site and a milestone is reached with the installation of the crane.

17th December, 2019

Construction update

We are pleased to announce that the construction of Fitzroy House is now well underway with our builder Minicon now fully established on site.

9th September, 2019

Construction commenced

Following the hugely successful campaign, the Fitzroy House display suite has been closed and  construction has commenced.

10th April, 2019

Where feeling speaks louder than furnishings

It was a great evening at Fitzroy House with Australia’s most awarded interior design team, Hecker Guthrie.

Thoughtful insights into the art of designing beautiful spaces while enjoying drinks and canapés.

Owner Testimonial

‘Every morning I wake up to this truly magnificent space’

Piccolo’s reputation for design excellence is second to none, with their recently completed project Elwood House shortlisted for 12 prominent industry awards.

Homeowner and resident for almost two years, Andrée Johnson can attest to the ‘overwhelming quality and attention to detail’ that you could expect from Fitzroy House, Piccolo’s latest project.